Paper Digital Humanities Australasia 2018

Using Pathways Forums to inform on future initiatives for the Digital Humanities research community (112)

Lauren T Attana 1
  1. eRSA, Thebarton, SA, Australia

The Pathways series was initially developed by eRSA in 2016 with the goal to connect both academics and industry professionals to the latest, innovative, eResearch tools and services around the nation. The aim of these forums was to encourage the community to come together and discuss a range of subjects including training, expert support mechanisms, technology platforms, data or infrastructure. Since its commencement, eRSA has executed this concept into multiple research disciplines, including the Digital Humanities space, with each series of events being continually refined.

With advocacy and community engagement activities being integral to the concept, the community gathered at these events are able to articulate ideas for further research support without being restrictive and essentially informing on future initiatives.

This seminar will walk through:

  • The origin of the Pathways concept and how they evolved to become a part of the HASS DEVL/RDC Project (and other national initiatives) 
  • The ‘recipe’ for organising a Pathways event
  • How its success to date has benefited the Digital Humanities research community

I will also delve into ‘What’s next for the Pathways Forums’ and how you can leverage this concept.

This session is ideal anyone who is interested in leveraging engagement of those in their research community and use it to improve best practice and inform on future thinking.