Lightning Talk Digital Humanities Australasia 2018

Introducing a new visualisation tool: Kaleidographic (30)

Helen Caple 1 , Monika Bednarek 2
  1. The University of New South Wales, Sydney
  2. The University of Sydney, Sydney

What happens if you bring together a corpus linguist and a multimodal discourse analyst? In this talk we introduce a new visualisation tool that has come out of a collaborative project on ‘most shared’ news items (Bednarek & Caple 2017), which enables users to visualise the results from both analysis of images and analysis of verbal text in multimodal items. We demonstrate this freely available online tool, also discussing its limitations and potential future developments. The tool can be accessed at, which also has information on three showcases that have made use of Kaleidographic to visualise project results.

  1. Bednarek, M. & H. Caple 2017. The Discourse of News Values: How News Organizations Create Newsworthiness. Oxford: Oxford University Press.