Lightning Talk Digital Humanities Australasia 2018

Connections and absences in the SA History Hub (80)

Catherine Manning 1
  1. History Trust of South Australia, Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, Australia

During this lightning talk Catherine will explore the potential for further collaboration through the SA History Hub website, and how it may provide an opportunity to track trends in South Australian history and community collections.

The SA History Hub website was launched in 2014. It drew on existing publications such as the ‘Wakefield Companion to South Australian History’ and ‘SA Greats’ to seed the initial content. Since the launch of this site the History Trust of South Australia has been working with community partners to attempt to address some of the known gaps the content of the website, including women’s history and regional history. The History Trust is currently in the process of scoping further development of the site to facilitate community partnerships which may publish from the SA History Hub to other platforms.  This work is ongoing and we see the website as a continual ‘work in progress’.

The data from the SA History Hub has been released via Data SA. Examining this data, and the trends that continue to emerge through community projects, can tell us much about which areas of South Australian history have been a focus in the past, which are emerging as areas of interest, and which areas have been overlooked, or are less prominent. We are also able to see which pages are most visited, map connections between pages, and break the data down to themes or location based entries. We hope that doing so may guide future research and partnerships.

  1. SA History Hub,