Birds of a Feather session Digital Humanities Australasia 2018

Upskilling Approaches (Birds of a Feather) (42)

Lyle Winton 1 , Greg D'Arcy 1
  1. The University of Melbourne, Parkville, VICTORIA, Australia

There is current demand and increasing growth in the digital humanities, arts, and social sciences for the necessary informatics/digital/eResearch skills to complement both research methods and technology platforms. Institutions, research leaders and research projects face challenges in accessing (finding? sharing? collaborating?), growing and sustaining such people. These challenge of "upskilling" is being addressed in part through education, higher degree training, research training and workshops, academic scholarship, knowledge sharing, inspiration and demonstration, expert support and platforms, project partnerships and more.

We invite those seeking to address the challenge of "upskilling" to a "Birds of a Feather" informal and participatory session. We welcome stories from existing programs of success and failure, lessons learned, approaches and future plans. Our concerns include upskilling ourselves (eg. staying up-to-date), our teams, broader communities such as aaDH, students, and researchers in general.

The format will begin with brief statement of the topic and challenges, followed by a few 3 minute storied shared from institutions invited to speak. These are intended as an initial frame for the open discussion and to stimulate contributions, for which the majority of time will be allocated.