Stanley Frielick Digital Humanities Australasia 2018

Stanley Frielick

Dr Tony Fala is of European and Pacific Island ancestry. According to genealogies held by one of his uncles, Fala has Samoan, Tongan, and Māori ancestors in his Tokelauan family lineage. He also has ancestral ties to other Pacific peoples not mentioned above in his family line. Some of Fala's Pacific ancestors were farmers, fisherpeople, vaka navigators, and warriors. He was born and raised into urban Pasifika street culture in Auckland, New Zealand. Fala is the main writer for the 'Pacific Scholars' project. Dr Stanley Frielick is a senior lecturer in Te Ara Poutama (Faculty of Māori and Indigenous Development) at AUT. He has a PhD in Education. Previous roles include Director of Ako Aotearoa (NZ National Centre for Tertiary Teaching Excellence). Marcel Allen is a freelance video producer, currently studying for a postgraduate qualification in teaching. He has a Masters in Creative Technologies from AUT, with lecturing experience at CoLAB, AUT.

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